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Improve Your Rigging-Fu: Part 2

It's been over a year since my previous article on the subject and it happens that I have 2 more recommendations to add to the list that you won’t want to miss out!

Skinning With nCloth Part II

That’s not only my article which is a second part and, unlike movies, that’s for the best. After going through the general idea behind using nCloth to produce realistic muscle simulations in the first tutorial of the serie, Andy is reaching here some more in-depth and specific aspects of the process.

If you want to stay up-to-date with the kind of work happening for muscle simulations in the top VFX studios, you know what to do: Skinning With nCloth Part II.

Morgan Loomis’ Patreon

To give you an idea of whom you might (should!) be dealing with, let’s say that Morgan is one of the few Swiss Army knife that is gifted both artistically and technically. He was a rigger at Tippett Studio before becoming an animator there, then moved to Weta Digital where he now works as an animation lead when he’s not an animation TD!

For having had the chance to work with him, I can tell that not only is he experienced, passionate, accessible, friendly, and humble, but that he also has a great attention to details and enjoys digging in deeper to push things in the right direction. His animations are top notch and his rig requests/ideas spot on.

By now I hope that I sold you on the man, and if not you can check out his personal website where he shared over the years some of his experience and resources such as the Norman rig that he contributed to.

The idea behind his Patreon campaign is that he’s hoping to feel “indebted” to you, his “clients”, to provide always more free, open souce, resources to everyone, while giving you a chance to provide feedbacks. Support him already: Morgan Loomis’ Patreon.

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