Hienoi: A 2D Particle Playground

I initially started this project with the goal of providing a visual programming framework to introduce my friend to coding in a fun way. I could have used other existing projects such as Processing instead but then I thought it’d be a good experience for me to write my own.

So these were my 2 objectives. Making something educational that is fun to use, and honing my own skills.

I quickly reached a working prototype but then, it happened. Hey, you know what?... How about putting the GUI and simulation modules into their own processes? And using OpenGL instead of the software renderer? And using NumPy under the hood to speed things up while preserving a user-friendly API? And allowing users to add new attributes to particles? And, and, and... and I kept going like that for a while, even writing a helper library in the process, Nani.

Particle trailparticle trail

I’m still not satisfied with the amount of functionalities provided but hey, for a toy project, this is not that bad and it has already fulfilled its main objectives. I think.

Have a go at it, grab Hienoi on GitHub!