1. Simple Ain’t Easy

  2. Wadu: Again and Again

  3. Forget About Anti-Cheats, Here's How You Do It

  4. Houdini: Flame

  5. Rexo: A Unit Testing Framework in C

  6. Zero: Dynamic Arrays

  7. Houdini: Ray Tracer in VEX

  8. Houdini: Wind Tunnel

  9. Zero: A Bunch of Single-File Libraries for C/C++

  10. New Look and a Brand New Static Site Generator

  11. Hienoi: A 2D Particle Playground

  12. Release All the Things!

  13. myXKCD: Sensational Bullshit

  14. Nested Initializer Lists for Multidimensional Arrays

  15. m3ta: A Template Metaprogramming Library

  16. myXKCD: Christmas

  17. Flying Things: A Rigging Showreel

  18. Modern Rigging Workflow: The Modular Approach

  19. Getting Started with OpenGL in C++

  20. Why I’m Not Using the MEL and Python Command Layers of Maya

  21. From Monkey Patching the Maya Python API to Gorilla and Bananas

  22. A Taiwanese Monk at the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

  23. myXKCD: CPU benchmark

  24. ccRig: A Rig for Softimage Back from the Dead

  25. Softimage Has Been Killed, the Future of CG Softwares Is Now in TD’s Hands

  26. myXKCD: Painter TD

  27. How I Got to Work in the Visual Effects Industry

  28. How Not to Climb the Volcano Acatenango, Guatemala

  29. Guatemala: A Journey Full of Journeys

  30. Let It Begin